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Nest Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls

by Amanda Ryder

Smart Heating Controls

Nest Thermostat

Heating systems have changed a lot in the last 10 years with the introduction of energy saving condensing boilers and smart controls.  But should you consider upgrading…

… let’s find out.

Energy Saving: Smart controls like the Nest Thermostat (pictured above) give exceptional control over your home heating and comfort. They are optimized to prevent overheating of the property (a common problem with the old analogue style thermostat). It know’s when to start heating your property to get the room to your desired temperature ready for when you arrive home. Nest Thermostat can tell if you have left the property and will turn down the temperature until you return home again. “No need to worry about forgetting to turn the heating off next time you go for a day out!”

Control at Your Finger Tips: If you have a smart phone or tablet then the Nest App will let you alter the temperature and heating settings without needing to go the the actual unit. You can also add other Nest products to the app such as Smart Doorbells, Security Cameras and CO/Smoke Alarms.


What about Hot Water? 

No need to worry if you have stored hot water, this thermostat works with all types of heating systems whether you have a combi, system boiler or traditional type heating system.

Do I need a Degree to use it?

Nest has one of the most intuitive controls we have ever used. Simplicity of use means no callbacks which is great for us and great for our customers too!

Can you have more than One?

Yes, if you have two three or even more heating zones, then these can all be added to the app for easy control. If you have a holiday home or an other property ,you can add this to the same app too!

MJ Ryder’s Verdict

As installers we would always recommend a room thermostat. Recent legislation (Boiler Plus) requires using a thermostat that has optimization features, the Nest Thermostat is an easy choice for us to recommend to our clients, they look great, it’s easy to use. And, the price of the unit is certainly fair for the technology and control that you will benefit from!

If you would like to know more about the Nest thermostat or any of their other product please send us a message or give us a call on 01423 540021