Understanding Boiler & System Types

A typical combi boiler system benefits from not having to store water (Header Tanks) in the loft. It can also delivery hot water at the same pressure as the cold water meaning you get better showers. This system tends to be more cost-effective when the hot water cylinder also requires upgrading.

Combi System

A system boiler will generally have a separate hot water tank to store hot water, this can be either mains pressured or fed via a header tank. The system boiler itself does not require a header tank. System boiler can be an effective way of upgrading from an old gravity fed system and are also regularly used in new projects along with a mains pressured cylinder.

  System Boiler
Conventional systems are still installed in a lot of homes, as long as the system is fully pumped (not gravity), then a conventional boiler can be a good choice for upgrading your boiler with minimum disruption.



We are accredited installers of Worcester Bosch, Vaillant & Glow-Worm quality boilers. We install Natural Gas and also LPG models.


Guarantees can be quite different from Warranties. We tend to look for and promote manufacturers that give cast-iron guarantees on their products. Unfortunately, the terms of Warranties can be changed at any time, charges can be applied as well as full revocation of the warranty.


We can configure a range of equipment to suit most budgets. Your surveyor will be able to discuss the different options available and can even provide comparison quotation for you. Most quotations can be completed on the first visit and emailed straight to you.

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